We are a non-profit organization (NPO)

whose mission is to support parents

in their irreplaceable role with their children,

from conception to maturity.


The integration of love and sexuality in children from 0 to 12 years
The integration of love and sexuality in adolescents
The integration of love and sexuality in young adults
The wounded of love: new challenges



Your book Greeting My Sexual Being is very useful to me because the text is illustrated and easy to understand.

I would like to request a distance education from CIREF.

For your courage and tenacity in this fight so important ...

I congratulate you on the clarity of the expression of your convictions.

Your volume "The education of the child to love and sexuality ..." was a real therapy for me ...

Finally something constructive!

How to make people aware of this thinking?

If I could grow wings ...

Good luck for this humanitarian and ecclesial work!

A different message, a message of truth about love and sexuality ...

I read everything! Very interesting ! and very consoling!

Continue your work! Do not let go ! And even if you are alone!

Your love of the family was eloquent.

The Voice of the CRÉVF! "It's a beautiful summary of your trip."

"We should all deepen love and sexuality! "

ALL must be mobilized for this project to succeed.

Your last visit to Boma last May was a great comfort to us.

It is important to equip parents.

Robert Gauthier, pss

At school in Rome

Adonis Phuati

Boma / DRCongo

Jean-Claude Mathieu

St-Jérôme - Quebec

André Gaumond

Bishop of the Diocese of Sherbrooke - Quebec

Elisabeth Neeser

Iberville - Quebec

Thérèse Rancourt

Lac-Mégantic - Quebec

Aliette Abraham


Cyprien MBUKA

Bishop of the diocese of Boma - RDCONGO

Marie-Joseph MEDZEME


Yolande CND

Pte-Claire - Quebec

Jean-Claude Turcotte

Archbishop of the Diocese of Montreal - Quebec

Christiane Boulva

Montreal, Quebec

Lise Privyk

Montreal, Quebec

Rosette Badila

Montreal, Quebec

Paul-André Deschesnes

Beloeil - Quebec

Crispin Dibua

Boma / DRCongo

Rachel Landeman

Uni-T / Montreal - Quebec