We are a non-profit organization (NPO)

with a mission to assist parents

in their irreplaceable role in their children's lifes,

  from conception to maturity.

Training Sessions

The integration of love and sexuality in children from 0 to 12 years of age
The integration of love and sexuality in teenagers
The integration of love and sexuality in young adults
The wounded of love: new challenges



Your book "Greeting My Sexual Being" is very useful to me because the text is illustrated and easy to understand.

I would like to request distance training from CIREF.

For your courage and tenacity in such an important fight ...

I congratulate you on the clarity of the expression of your convictions.

Your volume "The education of the child to love and sexuality ..." was a real therapy for me ...

Finally something constructive!

How to make people aware of this reflection?

If I could grow wings ...

Good luck in this humanitarian and ecclesial work!

A different message, a message of truth about love and sexuality ...

I read everything! Very interesting! And very consoling!

Continue your work! Do not let go! Even if you are alone!

Your love of the family was eloquent.

The Voice of the CRÉVF! "It's a beautiful summary of your trip."

"We should all deepen love and sexuality! "

Everyone must be mobilized for this project to succeed.

Your last visit to Boma in May was a great comfort to us.

It is important to equip parents.

Robert Gauthier, p.s.s

During studies in Rome

Adonis Phuati

Boma / DRCongo

Jean-Claude Mathieu

St-Jérôme - Quebec

Bishop André Gaumond

Bishop of the Diocese of Sherbrooke - Quebec

Elisabeth Neeser

Iberville - Quebec

Thérèse Rancourt

Lac-Mégantic - Quebec

Aliette Abraham


Cyprien MBUKA

Bishop of the diocese of Boma - RDCONGO

Marie-Joseph MEDZEME


Yolande CND

Pte-Claire - Quebec

Jean-Claude Turcotte

Archbishop of the Diocese of Montreal - Quebec

Christiane Boulva

Montreal, Quebec

Lise Privyk

Montreal, Quebec

Rosette Badila

Montreal, Quebec

Paul-André Deschesnes

Beloeil - Quebec

Crispin Dibua

Boma / DRCongo

Rachel Landeman

Uni-T / Montreal - Quebec