To you...

Couples, young and old, who feel that the parental function is seriously endangered in today's world, and who desire to break an isolation that occasionally overwhelms you.

Parents and future parents, who want your family to assert itself and fulfill its educational task adequately; who are looking for appropriate tools to introduce your children to family life, especially regarding love and sexuality.

Educators and agents for health and well-being, anxious to deepen a pedagogical approach that integrates sexuality and humanity and is respectful of the childhood period of latency, the private intimacy of the children, the sexual integrity of young people, and the sexual relationship experienced in marriage.

Pastors and pastoral workers, who care about the transmission of the Christian heritage and who wish to better accompany and support parents in their responsibility to guide their children in their fundamental research of the meaning of their feminine or masculine person.

Men and women, who want to preserve the family, God's choice, and feel the call to become trainers of parents and their faithful collaborators to take up the challenge of our world, which is to prepare our young people for the role of future parents.

Adolescents or young adults, looking for a more personal and complete education regarding love and sexuality, in harmony with the divine plan.

Future advisors to those wounded by love - no matter their age -, who want to help them recognize their traumas and accept to undertake a courageous healing journey.

Our Mission

The International Centrer for Research and Family Education provides a specialized service for parents and their faithful collaborators in the field of the education of children, adolescents, and young adults to integrated love and sexuality .


To promote:

  • their entrance and continued growth into the great movement of love;
  • the integration of their sexual being: a factor of harmony and health;
  • their generous yes to the intimate vocation of each one.
The slogan of the Centre:

Together, for a beautiful, better, and healthier world!

With a particular orientation ...

The Centre is inspired by Christian humanism:

  • respectful of the divine mandate of the parents;
  • concerned with the development of the whole being.
With a particular pedagogy ...

The Centre chooses a linear process, the Step-by-step approach, to help parents better understand the importance of their mission for the harmonious development of their children.


By taking into account the four dimensions of their person: physical, mental, social, and spiritual.

With a particular thread ...

The guiding of young people to a full emotional and sexual maturity.