Two CREVFs created in Africa

The first: RD / CONGO

The Centre for Research and Family Life Education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the emotional and sexual health of families by helping parents to assume their educational responsibilities.

This education fits well with the efforts made by all for the development and reconstruction of the country in its many facets: economic, moral, social ..., for the betterment of the entire Congolese people. It operates temporarily under Ministerial Order No. MIN. AFF.SOC / CABMIN / 0269 / 2003 of the 14 / 11 / 2003.

Its representatives are:


and Administrative Coordinator


Project coordinator
and training

Eric Muller Steve

The Centre has other members including two diocesan priests from Boma (Bas-Congo)


The April 30 2004

CRÉVF / RDC is a network of CRÉVF / MONTREAL (Quebec). He was born XNUMX December XNUMX after the visit and the temporary stay of Mrs. Solange Lefebvre-Pageau, General Manager and founder of this centre, in the DRC. This visit is the initiative of the abbot Willy MBONZILA BITIBA then young seminarian theologian at the Major Seminary "Robert Bellarmin" of Mayidi / Kisantu. He is the first to have read the works of Mrs. Solange and who has contacted her. This goes back to the XNUMX years.

Ms. Solange arrived in the DRC in January XNUMX and visited respectively the city of Kinshasa, capital of the country, the provinces of Bas-Congo and Katanga where she gave lectures, fruits of her research and publications.

His teaching based on the human values ​​of sexuality and love according to the divine plan met with the consent of a large public who knew how to benefit from the experience of this lady. The interest in this important tour and the hospitality that was reserved for it were undoubtedly the factors that drove for the creation of a CRÉVF in the DRC, to continue to help the sons and daughters of this great country in the fight against HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. If Kinshasa is therefore a platform in Africa, in the form of a "pilot project", Ms. Solange intends to establish other centres in other African countries including Kenya, Togo, Ivory Coast, Cameroon. We can only wish him every opportunity in the world and assure him of our support and our frank collaboration.

Eric Müller Nlandu Nzita

The second CRÉVF in Kenya

Crispin BASEKO
Project coordinator
and training

The second CRÉVF was created on 30 April 2009 at Kandisi Holy Spirit Parish in Nairobi, Kenya.

The official opening of the Kenya Family Life Education and Research Centre took place in the presence of Father Paul José Damin, pastor of the parish in the presence of Mrs. Solange Lefebvre-Pageau, Father Edgar PHONGI MVUBU as well as Crispin BASEKO, coordinator of this Centre and some parishioners.

The Voice of the CRÉVF, December 2008 presents a picture taken on this day.