To all of you friends and future friends
from the International Center for Family Research and Education

In this particular pandemic period, at the start of the summer heat, wherever you are, the CIREF dare to invite you to join us in promoting a new culture within our humanity:

The culture of love
and integrated sexuality,
from birth to maturity!


By convincing five people to visit or revisit our website: and register for the distance education it offers. Who knows if this commitment will not snowball!

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Your friend

Solange Lefebvre-Pageau

founder and director of CIREF

The International Centre for Family Research and Education
donates clothing to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul


On Thursday February 13, 2020, the International Centre for Research and Family Education (the CIREF ) donated women's and men's clothing to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. The donation ceremony took place in the basement of the parish church of Sainte-Catherine-de-Sienne which houses a conference of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul . It was in the presence of Suzanne Emery, president of this conference, and Solange Lefebvre-Pageau, director of CIREF.

This gift received through the Suzy Shier company comes to support this lay Catholic organization whose mission is to live the message of the Gospel by serving Christ through the poor with love, respect, justice, and joy. The mission of the volunteers of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is:

  • to see Christ in all who suffer,
  • to be united within the same family,
  • to establish personal contact with the poor, and
  • to help in any way possible.

This mission is similar to that undertaken by the CIREF, which seeks to help families in offering, among other things, a specialized service to parents and their loyal collaborators in the field of integrated love and sexuality education offered to children, adolescents and young adults.

Rosette Badila
Deputy Director at CIREF

New at the CIREF
(International Centre for Research and Family Education)
Our rejuvenated website is finally operational!
Come visit us ...

new site

After several months of development, we are pleased to introduce our new website, which aims to foster dynamic and relevant communication with our various allies around the world.

You will find much information about our Centre: our agenda, our publications, our training sessions, as well as stimulating testimonials. Many thanks to our team of valued volunteers who have been unstinting in their efforts.

A new section, the "Virtual Campus" is to be noticed. It offers distance education giving access to a first course: The integration of love and sexuality in children from 0 to 12 years of age . Its aim is to guide and promote an authentic humanization of the human being and, by extension, to resolutely promote a new culture : the culture of integrated love and sexuality.

Let us proudly point out that our site is not neutral. To work towards the great challenge of the integration of love and sexuality, we have to refer to God the Creator whose laws are inscribed in the true nature of the human being and in his Word.

Whether you are a man or a woman, a parent or future parent, a potential parent trainer, educator, health and welfare officer, pastor, pastoral worker, teenager or young adult, or even a social worker with the wounded of love, our site has been designed for you. This professional tool will allow you to work in partnership with parents one day, parents always, who have the right to transmit to their children the essential elements of humanity in a healthy social climate.