Do we want our children and young people to become sexually balanced, respectful and loving?

Year of publication: First 2017 - Reissued in 2019

At a time when promoters of sex education - dissociated from love and ignoring the important educational mission of parents - try by all means to make it mandatory everywhere for our young children in daycares and for our children in school settings from kindergarten to high school, our CIREF offers this reflection.

Transgender fashion

Year of publication: 2017

Has not the hour come for each of us to shed the light of truth on the primordial human and spiritual responsibility to welcome our deep nature? To meet this challenge, let's start by clarifying and internalizing the meaning of five key words: real identity, deep nature, transgender, transsexual, and choice. This is what this leaflet proposes.

Pedagogy of the process of integration of love and sexuality

Year of publication: 2011

The process of integration of love and sexuality, from birth to maturity, is taught in the light of human sciences and Judeo-Christian faith.
We must be very proud of it, but to transmit it well will mean a lot of work.