A book, published in 2014, will make you discover the struggle that Solange has led, for more than 40 years, to promote in our contemporary societies, healthy sexual ethics that are not dissociated from love and fertility. The author does not stop to describe her setbacks and her successes, she proposes us a bold strategy by suggesting the realization of three concrete actions.

The testimony of an activist

In our society hungry for sexual rights, is this lack of openness to promote the beautiful process of integration of love and sexuality, from birth to maturity?

The testimony of a militantOnce upon a time, it was the golden age of respect for human ecology. Now, from the 60 years to today, I have seen a radical change, seeing so many women and men alter, mutilate and denature their bodies. Surprisingly, this is done with the complicity of the world of health, social services, education, politics, media, etc., all of them won over by the mentality of moral relativism.

I have seen the contraceptive mentality spread in a soclary environment like a wildfire, leading many young people to a precocious and unbalanced sexuality. That with such serious consequences, at an age when they have to consolidate their sexual identity, to gratefully welcome the gift of their fertility and to open up slowly and with respect to the richness of the complementarity of the sexes.

Faced with this situation, our Centre proposes the pedagogy of the approach of love and sexuality. But how many obstacles have I encountered in my efforts to propose this pedagogy! They went so far as to say to me: "your step lacks openness". Fortunately, other people are giving me very comforting words.

To all of you who accept to accept my testimony, which is not meant to attract pity towards me, but to allow you, on one hand, to analyze a serious social problem, and on the other hand, to recognize the strategy I have developed over the years, inspired, I dare to believe, by the Spirit, I would be grateful if you would invite me to offer this conference in your region.

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Sister Yolande Charland
Explanation of the illustration on the cover

We are in the presence of two diametrically opposed conceptions of the love-sexuality relationship, two parallel paths that can not be met.

On the left, in dark gray, an illustration of the conception of a certain atheistic humanism. The letters of the words "love" and "sexuality" are scattered, , expressing the "Go as I push you", the "All is allowed" of this design! The black bar accentuates the dark character of this dead end!

On the right, we find expressed the Christian conception of the same theme. "Love and sexuality" written in an orderly way, are called to integrate, hence the red colors of the word "love", and the beige colors of the word "sexuality", alternating in the word "integration" which is on the right . The male-female couple at the bottom recalls the complementarity of the sexes which is a fact of human nature.