July 31, 2008

Aliette Abraham


Dear Madame Solange,

Thank you very much for your flyers. While beginning to read them, I told myself that if I could grow wings, I would be in Canada right away to follow all the sessions offered by the CRÉVF.

Continuing with the brochures, I was very comfortable with the first, entitled "Dad, Mom, I need you! Why this cry?'' My opinion on the crucial role of parents, especially the mother, in the education of children, which I communicated to my husband even before our marriage, is confirmed and, in my opinion, still remains relevant today. Parents are, in a few words, irreplaceable to accompany the development of the child.

The reading of "Learning to Become Free" reinforces my beliefs and will fuel my resources to lead our reflection and sharing workshops, focusing on themes such as "being free".

Finally, on the last page of the cover of "Let's face the reality of STIs", among the books to come, I read the title "Similar and different for a complementary mission". I have the great pleasure to share with you that at each workshop, this key message, very clearly stated and the subject of your next book, is exactly the one we are trying to convey through our icebreaker session. !!!

I also showed my son, who will be 14 next year, the important book entitled "Welcoming my sexual being", assuring him that he may read it.

Finally, I simply express to you how comfortable I am and how I find myself in sync with your ideas and with the activities carried out within CRÉVF to bring them to fruition.

My dearest wish, I share it with you, is to have an opportunity to come to Canada, to live and follow all your sessions, to exchange and discuss a lot with you and your team, to see the experiences of Canadian families, in order to be able to immerse myself in it, analyze it, and on my return home, to adapt it to our context and to transmit to the young people of Madagascar, to parents and educators, all these important messages that can guide and enlighten education for life and family health.

Let us allow time to ripen our thoughts, our projects! Let us submit them to God, in whom, and for all things, we always put our trust.

All my regards, and best wishes! I hope to see you one of these days, Madame Solange!