August 25, 2007

Jean-Claude Mathieu

Saint-Jérôme - Quebec


I can only congratulate you for your courage and your tenacity in this fight which is so important for the people of Québec, and especially for our young people.

This letter (addressed to Mr. Alain Poirier) reflects your faith, so enlightened, and your passion for a cause that is so important to you. I fully agree with all the content of this letter. It is filled with great wealth and divine wisdom, and is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, most of our elected representatives who have abandoned their Christian faith are unable to recognize what is True.

I would like very much, with my little means, to be able to contribute to your work by joining your group. Unfortunately, I have no time available at the moment. But, God willing, I will eventually be able to contribute some of my time.

For the moment, I carry you in prayer, and I ask our dear Mother of Heaven, to protect you, to support you, and to lead you on the path of victory.

Union of prayers.