July 17, 2009




Dear Solange and dear Edgar,

I acknowledge receipt of the CRÉVF's "Voix du CRÉVF" newsletter dedicated specifically to your African tour. To this end, I have the immense pleasure and the honor to send you, in the present message, my sincere thanks for this bulletin which marks your passage on African ground.

Looking through this document, we realize that Africans need to hear a different message, a message of truth about the teaching of love and sexuality. Testimonies from different countries are proof that your message has had a favourable response.

It is a pity that the testimony of Cameroon does not appear like the ones of other countries. Indeed, the issue of love and sexuality is one of the themes that Africa should integrate into its development process of man and all men for a "beautiful, better, and healthier Africa".

I am pleased to hear that you have kept good memories from Africa and that you have been able to fulfill your dream. Congratulations for the success of this mission in Africa. All this while wishing you good luck.