June 30, 2002

Father Hervé Muyo MUKWASA, omi

Kinshasa - DRCongo

Dear Madame Solange,

As a priest responsible for our youth ministry, I was so interested in your two books Welcoming my sexual being; A process of integration and The education of the child to love and sexuality: the parental responsibility ... that I wanted both of them to be exploited in the Morals classes for the students of 5e and 6e secondary years at our school.

Only the teacher will have the possibility to handle these books, since the pupils are not able to obtain them. You have been here, and now you know the living conditions of the people, and what they are often facing... If you know of organizations that can help us, please let us know so we can ask for help to buy these valuable books.

I believe that if there is a good campaign, many schools will adopt these books in their program. It's a welcome support. I encourage you to go ahead and come back to the Congo.