September 20, 2004

Elisabeth Neeser

Iberville - Quebec

Dear Solange,

The time has come for me to come out of my ghetto to give you this testimony that I have kept for a long time, after reading your volume entitled: "The education of the child to love and sexuality: the parental responsibility ...'' I must confess that it not only reset me as a mother,, but it was also a real therapy for me.

Indeed, I could not forget the beginning of my life: my childhood with my parents and my brothers, the education received, the socio-economic constraints of the time ... So many memories, so many healing tears!

Then, I let myself be immersed in your message, your teaching which explains so well the plan of love of God for the family and our role - as parents - in the education of our children to grow in human tenderness and dignity. From this point of view, raising children becomes an urgent and obvious task.

Finally, by fitting in between two types of teachings your volume has allowed me to discover and understand the best way to educate children without necessarily resorting to or referring to my own education, that of my parents, or that of my grandparents.

I am very grateful to you and I encourage you, Madame Solange, to move forward in your struggle, because it is not easy to navigate upstream in today's world.

Good luck!