September 8, 2019

Paul-André Deschesnes

Retired educator
Beloeil - Quebec

22 Paul Andr Deschesnes

Greetings, Madame Pageau,

I just finished reading your 10 distance learning modules; The integration of love and sexuality in children from 0 to 12 years, which aims to help the discovery of the existence of an alternative to sex education in schools.

From one module to the other, there is a very relevant progression that will lead those who will follow this training to better understand what is an authentic education of our children to integrated love and sexuality, thanks to a very balanced educational presentation.

This book - which is preceded by an important Framework Document - is a real treatise taking a stand against the current of the unbridled sexuality of our contemporary world. Finally, the unvarnished truth! I understand very well why the International Centre for Research and Family Education (CIREF) makes this first training its main battlefield.

Our decadent society, which slaughters marriage, the traditional family, and true love, urgently needs to be re-educated in the sense of these 10 modules. You have to give the truth without compromise. We need well-trained and equipped children to bring balance to our society's lack of maturity and its inability to educate. Well-trained parents are also required to reach this goal. Finally, educators are needed to train parents properly. This is an impressive program, very well explained in your rich-in-content modules.

I really appreciated the great clarity of your work. You ask the right questions and you give the real answers. Your modules (with the material that accompanies them) present all the necessary content to foster discovery, especially in our elected representatives of the Ministries of the Family, Education, Health, Justice, Finance, etc., a message of wisdom that promotes in our children and young people an authentic path to humanization, to being male and female, and all this through the lens of the traditional Christian vision.

This book is an incredible toolbox to change our unfortunate society that will soon hit the wall at full speed. Especially at this time when we have to say loud and clear that it is through the process of education to integrate the love and sexuality of our children and our youth that we will overcome the epidemic of sexually transmitted infections (STI), recognized in Quebec in the year 2018. "STIs particularly affect young people, women of childbearing age and the LGBTQ population," as we read in the Journal Le Devoir, 2 December 2018, under the title: What are the challenges to overcome?

Parents, children, teens, adults, educators, catechists, psychologists, political leaders, religious leaders, ALL must be mobilized for this project to succeed. After reading the ten modules related to the Framework Document, we say, "This is a colossal opus that gives us the real solutions in order to live in a healthy society. "