December 23, 2018

Philippe Djiélé

Montreal, Quebec

After several meetings with the founding director of the International Centre for Research and Family Education (CIREF) - Madame Solange Lefebvre Pageau - and having read about the works and achievements of the Centre since its creation in 1997, I was especially touched by the project of the integration of love and sexuality, from birth to maturity, which it promotes, and by the stress on the foremost role of parents in the education of their children.

As a trained orthopedic surgeon and father of 3 beautiful young teens, we decided, my wife and I, to immigrate to Canada, to give our kids a better chance of succeeding, in a more supportive environment. It was not an easy choice, but it was necessary.

Knowing that health is a state of equilibrium, any imbalance between different physiological, psychic or even spiritual processes will cause discomfort or suffering of various kinds that can be observed and named in different nosological forms.

To help many parents to promote a state of balance or health in their children, CIREF aims to train educators of parents in the pedagogy of the process of integration of love and sexuality, which will enable the parents they train to transmit it themselves to their own children, slowly and gradually, starting in infancy. This process of integration in their children, from birth to maturity, will allow them to develop a healthy bodily and spiritual balance, and so live in good health.

Thus, we will prevent and reduce such evils as unwanted pregnancies, sexual abuse, abortions, sexually transmitted diseases, emotional disorders, and their lots of problems, with significant economic benefits for society. The expenses to pay for the care of all citizens affected by these evils can be avoided.

The CIREF project, inspired by the Christian faith, is the vision of a harmonious and balanced society that I wish for my children. It is this vision that has led me to commit for the last three years as a member of the Board of Directors of CIREF, where I voluntarily offer my contribution and my support.

CIREF, rich in its 20 years of experience, has the potential to bring about a remarkable and positive change in our society. It deserves wider support from all, but especially from public authorities to help many families in fulfilling their educational responsibilities.

All that is left for me to wish is that each family may experience the process of integration to love and sexuality as an alternative to the program of sex education in schools, imposed to our children and adolescents. This, for a better and healthier world. The family has a fundamental and irreplaceable role in the education of the child.