June 25, 2015

Rosette Badila

Montreal, Quebec

« We should all deepen
our knowledge about love and sexuality!

The 11 June 2015, a day of spiritual retreat for La Vie Montante in the Montreal area, thirty-two persons had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on the theme Love and sexuality in our contemporary society.

This theme, which was taboo before, has awakened, in the majority of the seniors present, a keen interest for each of the sub-themes that were developed:

  1. A first look at two parallel cultures in the field of Education

  2. The deepening of love and sexuality is everyone's business

  3. God exists and wants the couple and the family

  4. Grandparents one day, grandparents always

For some people, deepening the theme will have been somewhat disturbing. Indeed, the reflection on masturbation, gender theory, and homosexuality, among others, have raised questions.

In any case, the respect, openness, and joy that prevailed throughout the one-day retreat of la Vie Montante in Montreal, has demonstrated to us the relevance of the subject proposed in the light of Christian faith and human sciences.

No wonder, then, that many days after this session, some of the participants say: "We should all deepen our knowledge about love and sexuality! "