16th October

Thérèse Rancourt

Lac-Mégantic - Quebec

Finally something constructive!

Dear Madame,

I have read your brochures and books. Yes, finally something constructive! A great hope on our world ill from deficiencies of ideals and spirituality, in a word, of humanism.

How can we resuscitate this agonizing society? What a joy it is to finally find methods to do this! Let us trust! The few seeds sown, sprinkled with prayers will germinate in their time, hopefully as soon as possible!

May the culture of life, desired by the Holy Father and Mgr. Marc Ouellet of the diocese of Quebec, spread throughout the province first and then to the whole world. A brochure on AIDS will visit Togo. Surely, the Holy Spirit has "covered you with his shadow" to give birth to such an adapted, feasible, and concrete project.

I say thank you for all the hopes you raise! Please send me the same order as the previous one: 2 books and 3 brochures.